Geothermal heating contributing to Global Warming


KENNEWICK, Washington. — There are nearly 400 homes in the community of SouthCliffe in Kennewick Washington at present.  These homes were constructed to be as green as can be, with solar panels, tree-shaped turbines, and geothermal wells drilled into the yards to supply heat.

After 6 months of use by the residents, things are really heating up.  So much so that a team from the EPA was called in to investigate.  It seems that despite all the good intentions, the geothermal wells are actually heating the whole neighborhood and surrounding countryside, not jsut the interior of homes.

Jimmy Fanjo, would not look at the cameras
Jimmy Fanjo, would not look at the cameras

We arrived and suspected it would be another stupid fracking complaint, you know, “oooh, the evil corporation just took oil out of the bedrock and my water tastes like a DOW slurpee!  Please save me!”  But this time, we didn’t get within 5 miles and we had to turn the AC on, these people are causing a real problem. – Jimmy Fanjo, EPA

The EPA report was over 400 pages long, but presented very definitive conclusions in large print at the back of the book, so politicians can sound out the words.  The report concluded that the geothermal process, in a development as dense as  Southcliffe, pulls too much collective heat from the earth’s crust, and displaces it into the atmosphere, contributing to Global Warming.  An extrapolation of this phenomenon was simulated to a city the size of Detroit with devastating results.
Tad Gloeben
Tad Gloeben

The problem is that heat inside the Earth should stay there.  It isn’t a natural process to move that heat out of the crust and into the atmosphere.  It’s artificial and it is wrong.  If we drilled geothermal wells in every one of the 46,000 backyards in Detroit, and turned them to heat creation, we could raise the global temperature by 3.28° simply by valve leakoff.


If we took direct thermal collusion and pipe stranding into account, it could be as high as 5.9° by 2020.  It would devastate the arctic and completely change the way we surf! – Tad Gloeben, Venice Beach Energy

This comes as a shock to the geothermal industry, as growth has been up 40% in Q2 with no signs of  a downturn.  And while the ICC has not officially commented, leaked memos and emails indicate they are preparing to recommend a geothermal moratorium pending another 12-year study based on geothermal heating in Chad and Algeria.  Developers, on the opposite hand, have nothing but glib comments and snide remarks for the study, largely ignoring its conclusions and carrying on with business as usual.
Kowalski, tired of the bullshit complainers
Kowalski, tired of the bullshit complainers

Another study, another drama queen, and another catastrophe!  When will people learn that there is no such thing as “Green”, just “greenish”.  Anything we do has its problems, so what s a little more heat in the air anyways?  I thought people liked the beach?  – Jim Kowalski, Geo-Drill Southern Washington








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