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BC environmental activist drives largest SUV ever built

EDMONTON, Alberta - Staunch environmentalist, naturalist, activist, conservationist, and card carrying PETA member, Meadow Windsong, recently defended her right to drive a MegaTruck G-750...

Group of UofA Researchers use AI to unlock the secret to what the heck...

EDMONTON, Alberta – Since the fall of 2015, the vast majority of Canadians have tried in vain to figure out what Justin Trudeau is...

Casket Wars Canada reality TV show sweeping the nation

CALGARY, Alberta - From the network that brought you Storage Wars and 27 & Counting, B&E's brand new reality TV show, Casket Wars Canada,...

China bans Trudeau

OTTAWA, Ontario - 2P News has received breaking news from our Chinese correspondent Yu Mi that China has added Prime Minister Trudeau to the...

VP of HR fired for using excessive buzzwords in company-wide email

The Disassociated Press - Calgary-based Bendovus Energy's stock surged in early morning trading shortly after straight-talking President and CEO, Bruce Richardson, fired his VP...