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Researchers discover widespread methods used by engineers to avoid social interactions

DRESDEN, Lower Saxony - Researchers from the Farheim University of Cognitive Knowledge have discovered how engineers who are particularly awkward in social settings can...

Carbon Cancelled Christmas

NORTH POLE, Earth - 2P News recently had the unfortunate fortune to take part in an exclusive press release held in the Arctic Circle....

Emissions-less driving coming to Canada early 2021

OTTAWA, Ontario - In light of all of the hoopla around the environment, CO2 emissions, and climate change in recent times, Transportation Canada has...

Premier Kenney strikes Climate Swap deal with State of California

Novel AirSuck™  technology claims it will Make Alberta Tropical Again Southern California's annual average temp to drop by 13-15C Kenney claims construction will...


CALGARY, Alberta - 2P News has recently held several open houses in the Calgary metro area regarding the City of Calgary's budget crisis. Invitees...