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Dear Andy: I’m worried about a recent outbreak of NerdVid-42 viruses spreading through my...

Dear Andy: My name is Gretan and I’m an HR specialist working in a busy downtown office with many engineers and geologists who I know...

ShamWow-based super towels approved for oil spill cleanup along BC’s coastline

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – The BC government just announced today that it has reached an agreement with the maker of the ShamWow super towel...

Breaking News! Downtown Calgary blockade grinds city to a halt

CALGARY, Alberta - The city of Calgary was brought to a screeching halt this morning as protesters erected blockade barriers on both the eastern...

Alberta proposes novel hybrid Heavy Oil/Hydro power generation strategy

EDMONTON, Alberta - A new hybrid energy project being proposed for Quebec is attempting to prove petroleum and hydro energy sectors can work together....

Breaking News: Suspects stowaway on SpaceEX rocket planning to access moon for oil exploration

ORLANDO, Florida – Seven security guards at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base were assaulted by 4 suspects who forced entry into a SpaceEX rocket...