CALGARY, Alberta – The city of Calgary is reeling from a recent legal dispute over a vehicle collision on 7th Ave.  A rare and exotic super car owned by Nick McNickers, CEO of GFY Energy collided with a C-Train just after 7:30Am on May 23, 2013.  The story was kept quiet due to the nature of the accident, but recent legal action against the City of Calgary and Calgary Transit have resulted in a strong possibility that Calgary will lose its C-Trains in court.

The scene of the collision.

Apparently Mr. McNickers was on his way to the office when his Doinhieggen F1 Quad-Turbo was struck by a C-Train that failed to stop at a cross walk.  Legal council for McNickers has argued that the operator of the train was texting, and as such failed to stop at the pure magnificence of McNickers, resulting in a collision that completely destroyed the Italian built, $230M car.

The car believed to be Mr. McNickers’ Doinhieggen F1 Quad-Turbo

Mr. McNickers’ lead lawyer, Alice Pushit, from Pushit, Wipit, & Flushit, went on to say,

Alice Pushit, Mr. McNickers’ lawyer

The train was clearly out of control, and McNickers suffered a debilitating limp from the accident.  If it wasn’t for the carbon titanium stitched airbag app deployed from his prototype Iphone 8.2, he may not have survived to see justice done.

McNickers legal team is seeking awards and damages in the amount of $1.2B, or transfer of the C-Train system in its entirety to McNickers holding company.  If he wins the court battle, it is uncertain if the C-Train will resume for public transit, or if the rumors are true, be converted to a mobile gentlemens’ club named the ‘See-Train’.



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