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Breaking News: Suspects stowaway on SpaceEX rocket planning to access moon for oil exploration

ORLANDO, Florida – Seven security guards at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base were assaulted by 4 suspects who forced entry into a SpaceEX rocket...

Geologists discovered investing in future vacation properties

CALGARY, Alberta - Twenty-seven professional geologists in the Calgary area were recently fired from their positions with Oil and Gas operators when it was...

Engdie Resources sees stock soar after banning office engineers from the field

GRAND PRAIRIE, Alberta – Engdie Resources (EDR.TO) saw its stock surge by nearly 27% in early morning trading on the TSX after the Calgary-based...

Co-locating coronavirus patients with engineers is as good as quarantining them: IHS

JAMJAR, China – Officials from the International Health Service offices in Pu Pu Hot Pot, the capital city of China's Fook Yu province, are...

Thirty-two 1970’s era drilling rigs to be erected as public art in Edmonton

CALGARY, Alberta - The recent explosion of public art in urban centers has inspired Derec' Illion of Leduc, Alberta, to move a collection of...