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Geologist invents productivity-boosting office chair recline device

A former downtown officer worker and inventor has developed a revolutionary laid-back seating position that is capable of increasing productivity by at least 350%. CALGARY,...

Apple, Samsung, Huawei to force social distancing measures with update

FRESNO, California - Masses of location data gathered in China show that intensive testing, tracking and restrictions on mobility are effective strategies for fighting...

Top 10 Covid-19 Myths Debunked

Thanks to fake news on COVID-19, including quacky DIY medicines and remedies, conspiracy theories, false government advisories, misleading narratives, and morphed images, attention on...

Calgary-based researchers exploit anti-oil sentiment at a DNA-level to develop Covid-19 vaccine candidate

EDMONTON, Alberta – Calgary-based researchers at the University of Crowchild have launched a program to develop a vaccine candidate against Covid-19 that, interestingly enough,...

Dear Andy: I’m worried about a recent outbreak of NerdVid-42 viruses spreading through my...

Dear Andy: My name is Gretan and I’m an HR specialist working in a busy downtown office with many engineers and geologists who I know...
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