CALGARY, Alberta – A Calgary area engineer was rushed to hospital this afternoon after suffering a mental breakdown in his downtown office.  Although he was doing well by medical and physical standards, his mental state and stability was being evaluated at the time this article was written.

Mark being held
Tony Loo being consoled while security arrived

Tony Loo, an intermediate reservoir engineer with Random Hole Resources, was by all accounts a normal, ambitious, mathematically inclined, socially declined, and exceptionally organized engineer.  Last weekend, he held a poker night for some colleagues and friends from APEGA. After quite a few drinks and tapas, a few guests left, but 11 or so stayed to carry on the party.  After poker was finished, the party moved out to the garage, closer to the beer fridge and Tony’s Lada restoration project.

While messing around in the garage, one of his fellow engineering buddies found an old rock examination kit from Tony’s university geology class.  Well this set the group off in joke after joke about Tony’s shortcomings and his geological predisposition.  Needless to say, the jokes got quite cruel, but Tony seemed to shrug them off with a smile and carry on.

Daniel Calcul
Daniel Calcul, P.Eng.

We were just joking around, well mostly.  Tony is a great engineer, but when something like this gets out it can end careers.  With all this publicity, he may not work again.

Kind of sad really, but if an engineer is out of focus for even a millisecond, things go wrong in a hurry.  Maybe this just wasn’t for him. – Daniel Calcul, coworker at RHR


Mr. Loo went to work Monday morning as usual, but eye-witness reports indicate that his attitude and demeanor were off, and his usual workflow was broken up into bouts of crying and picking the leaves off his ficus.  After the lunch hour, Mr. Loo reportedly went back to his office and began to throw things into the hallway, smash his computer, and just mutter “effin’ rocks” over and over again while simultaneously twitching and shivering.

hiding under a desk
Re-enactment of Karan hiding behind her desk

It was really scary.  Things were smashed, he was very loud, I was scared for my life.  What if he decided to come down the hallway and throw something at me?  What would I do?  I’m just little!! – Karan Phaire, EAA to the VP Org RHR

Mr. Loo was detained with FlexiCuffs by building security and escorted to the Calgary Psychiatric Commons for evaluation early in the afternoon.  Although no charges are being laid, management at RHR has notified 2P News that it will help Mr. Loo receive all of the professional treatment that he needs to overcome this challenge so he get back to work.


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