A judge ordered Ben Dover to write 143 compliments to his former supervisor.

Disgruntled former employee took to social media to shame his former employer

EDMONTON, Alberta – A judge in Edmonton has ordered an area man to pay his former boss 117 compliments after bombarding him with 117 nasty messages across a number of social media outlets.

Judge Fera Calculoo handed out the unconventional punishment to a disgruntled Ben Dover after he violated a severance package agreement to not disparage his former employer or any of its representatives.

Judge Fera Calculoo

“You are ordered to visit your former boss who let you go, and for every nasty thing you said about him, you’re going to say something nice. No repeating words,” Judge Calculoo

The 30-year-old exploitation engineer had attempted to call and text his ex-boss numerous times over a three-hour period on July 22nd, 2018, the Edmonton Heraldine reports, but when he couldn’t reach him, Mr. Dover decided to take it to social media. The defaming remarks left on Facebook and Twitter included references to his former employer being a,  ****ing *** and a guy bent on ***** in the *** of highest **** *** ******* and, a walking **** of ***** who **** ****** with ** and *****!” Facebook and Twitter have removed the posts alleging that they promote hate.

By trying to harm the reputation of his former boss, Mr. Dover had breached the terms of a severance contract that he had signed a week following his position being terminated, the court heard.

“It’s so childish to think that a grown man can be so thumb-happy on social media,” Judge Calculoo continued.

“I was originally thinking of cutting off your fingers or taking away your phone, before deciding on the compliments.”

According to a source close to this subject, here is an excerpt from the list of the compliments that Mr. Dover paid to his former boss, who has chosen to remain anonymous.

  1. Have I ever told you how nice you look in those khaki shorts with black socks and Birkenstock sandals?
  2. You were right, it was a great idea to drill a P-zero well on expiring land without consulting the geoscience team.
  3. Oh, asking me to book reserves using a doctored roulette wheel is absolutely the most technically rigorous and accurate way to evaluate our company!

Mr. Dover was also ordered to pay $2,400 in fines, sentenced to 200 hours of community service, and forced to post a video on social media of himself giving his former boss a great big hug.


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