Artist's rendition of what the EHS 2020 event could look like.

CALGARY, Alberta – 2020 has been a very difficult year for oil and gas professionals in western Canada. Major projects and investment in the industry continue to dwindle across North America.  COVID-19 has largely shut down all travel and group events.  Killer Murder Hornets are swarming a garbage bin somewhere near CHAZ, and apparently home school teachers are having a hard time finding tutors – for themselves.  All that aside, a brave group of Calgary-based geologists are forging ahead with the 2020 Energy and Happiness Symposium.

The 2020 EHS is the first of its kind – an event based on hope, and the pure joy of geological exploration.  Planners involved with the event have been quite clear that this is not a typical conference.  It will showcase ideas and exploration concepts rooted in the basics of geological work: walking around aimlessly, the consumption of copious volumes of beer, all while armed with fanny packs filled with crayons. Lots and lots of crayons.  The venue will be decorated in bright colours with bedding planes and facies changes expressed artistically throughout, and there may even be an occasional fault thrown in to add to the discussion.

With a small budget and an even smaller attendance sheet, a venue was chosen as best to fit the needs to the group.  The small 2-bedroom condo in Eau Claire was selected for its  charm, open concept layout, and 3 chairs.  Overlooking an abandoned high rise construction site, the geological views of the open excavation are simply awe inspiring.  Coupled with the ability for each attendee to fit their own case of beer in the fridge, no liquor permits were required for any of the 4 attending professional geologists.

Randy Hiptwell, P.Geo., donning a Tilley hat and geo shirt in “I’m not going to get laid” teal.

“This is going to be amazing!  I can’t wait for the 2020 EHS man, I get to catch up with the other couple guys with jobs and network a bit in case some of these companies are still operating in 2021.  You never know, some of these engineers might get bored and want to hire someone to make fun of again.”  – Randy Hiptwell, P. Geo

The 2020 EHS is scheduled for October 16-17, 2020, give or take a day.  Cost to attend is $100 and BYOB, with the $100 going towards pizza and entertainment, which is rumoured to be geologically themed Crock-A-Doodle pottery and paints for each attendee.  For more attendance information, please contact Gregory Kimloo, Surface Land & Exploration at NexGen Resources.


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