The suggestion box that hangs outside of the 2P News' downtown Calgary field office.

Calgary Alberta – TC Energy Corp. recently announced a plan to spin off its liquids pipeline business (which is mainly the original Keystoned Pipeline system) into a standalone entity. But to date, the midstream mega-giant player has yet to name the splinter company, which 2P News finds to be inexcusable. So to this end, we setup our anonymous suggestion box outside of our downtown office, asking passers by to submit what they believe would be a suitable corporate title for the oil and fluids spinoff, and the ideas came pouring in.

Believe it or not, but at the time of this writing, it is rumoured that TC Energy will call the new division “Oil and Fluids,” which is about as pedestrian as it gets. Here are the top 10 ideas for the name of the new division we saw dropped in the box, hand-curated by none other than Rodecker Smith himself.


Antoine McGuilicuddy’s 6th grade step-son, twice removed, enjoying a “bring your kid to work” day.



Southern Lights Sprinklers LLC.


Hydrocarbon Landscaping and Irrigation Ltd.


Blackpool Pipelines Ltd.


Groundspill Resources Inc.


Soil Soaker Energy Inc.


WAFMLSBF** Midstream Corp.

**What’s A Few Million Liters Spilled Between Friends


Drill to Drip Energy Inc.


Tar Sand Express Ltd.


Eagle Gun Murica Pipelines Inc.

And the number one suggestion for the new corporate title of TCs oil and liquids division:


Bitumen & Liquid Movement Pipelines

Did you miss out on the chance to submit your ideas in our anonymous suggestion box? Don’t fret! Comment your idea and we’ll be sure to update this list!


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