2P News to launch new Climate Solutions division.

CALGARY, Alberta – Calgary-based 2P News Corporation is set to announce that it will launch a division dedicated entirely to climate change solutions. Dr. Darcy Flowman, 2P News’ co-founder, spoke to 2P News’ other co-founder, Antoine McGuilicuddy, about this plan this morning.

Darcy Flowman (not his best photo)

“Antoine, I’ve been thinking that it’s high time we get on the climate change bandwagon and release a category of solutions dedicated to fixing the climate change crisis that I’m told we’re currently experiencing. Whether it be ideas around alternate energy, carbon capture, or other unique innovations that will help turn down earth’s thermostat, I believe we have the woman-power, man-power, they-power, and experience to make it happen. for example, we can look to smashing together Co2 with o to create CO3 (carbon trioxide), which is an unstable gas with a half-life of only a few minutes before it disappears… boom. this is how you do it!” – Dr. Darcy Flowman, co-founder of 2P News

None other than 2P News’ own Gretel Foonberger is said to lead the new division, which will also lean on the mental gymnastics from 2P News’ field correspondent, Rodecker Smith, to bring everything together.

Stay tuned for the first climate change solution proposed by our new division scheduled to be released later this week.



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