Endgame Energy, are they onto something, or onto nothing.

HOUSTON, Texas – A collaboration between several oil and gas giants in Houston has given rise to EndGame Energy. The fresh company has a very novel and interesting take on the world of geothermal energy, with plans to create a deep earth magmatic pumping system.

The target of the pilot project is as yet unreleased, but it there are a few new approaches to the plan. Drilling vertically down to depths where magmatic interaction would occur is simply not possible, so Endgame plans to utilize horizontal drilling methods to reach naturally occurring magmatic hot spots near volcanic centers and then frac into the magma chambers. This would create flow into the well bore and allow special high heat resistant pumps to cycle the fluid through a steam turbine of some kind generating massive amounts of power.

Tanner Jukio, CEO

“The trick is the alloys we need to use.  I want to call it WontMeltium, but that’s stupid, and Oakley already has the rights to Unobtanium.  Let’s just say we’ve been working with a metallurgy lab in China and they have a new quartz based titanium alloy that should work perfectly, and if not, we’ll refocus the company on new travel coffee mugs.” – Tanner Jukio, CEO EndGame Energy

The use of man-made volcanic systems for power is lofty. The technical tea at EndGame has been extremely busy developing and mapping ideal natural pathways to guide the flows as required, using natural strata and fractures in their mapping. Using technologies such as Adrophobic Lidar and Sub-TenonPock Seismic will definitely help control the variables of these maps.

From a technical perspective, there are quite a few challenges facing EndGame and their magmatic geothermal approach to renewable energy. Materials, play location, or simply the fact that in the region they will likely operate geothermal power is already in use due to shallow heat depths. But a project utilizing flowing man made magma chambers and lava tubes could upheave all that we know about the possibilities of geothermal potential.




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