Trudeau really like to play it up, but did he over do it this time?

CALGARY, Alberta – Dr. Darcy Flowman, here, a 2P News co-founder. I’m not known to be a hardcaore conspiracy theorist, although I do subscribe to the theory that at least 7 or 8 geologists worldwide have passed sixth grade math, so who knows? But I’ve been giving some thought to the mess that Canada is currently in and two things come to mind: the housing crisis and immigration mess. One could argue that the latter fuels the former, and I’m one of those people who believe it to be true.

Let me just cut to the chase here:

  1. Canada has a housing crisis. Housing prices have skyrocketed, disproportionally affecting the youngest and poorest Canadians who are already economically vulnerable. There is also a significant shortage of homes even for those who can afford to buy them.
  2. Canada has an immigration problem. In June, 2023, our country surpassed the 40M population mark fuelled by record levels of immigration including a surge of over 1M in population jump in 2022. Nearly all of those new Canadians were temporary and permanent immigrants. The international student population has also skyrocketed – we’re on track to welcome 900,000 international students this year, which is three times as many as in 2013. Where will these people live? Will they be able to afford housing?
  3. Outside of India, Canada has the largest population of residents who have moved here from India. According to a recent census, India was the most common country of birth for foreign born people living in Canada, making up one third of new Canadian immigrants in 2021.
  4. Trudeau is not one to monkey around with immigration policy because doing so will put him in bad light with potential voters and put in jeopardy his chances at reelection.
  5. So when Canadian Sikh leader Hardeep Signh Nijjar was assassinated in B.C. back in June, 2023, what could the Prime Minister do to to fix the runaway train immigration numbers and tame housing needs in one breath? He could publicly accuse the Indian government of having a hand in the assassination. That’s what he did, and he knew what he was doing.
  6. Why come public with those allegations? Why not just speak one-on-one with Indian Prime Minister, Nerendra Modi?

That’s it, I just had to get that off my mind. Perhaps I’m crazy, just as Antoine has alleged since Day 1, or perhaps I’m right. I don’t know. But it just seems so nonsensical that it comes back around after doing a 360 and it makes sense. But the only thing that makes me think what I wrote above is not true is that I don’t think Trudeau is even smart enough to cook up such a ploy.

What do you think this?




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