Who's at fault in a no-fault incident involving a fault? Is it the fault's fault for the no-fault?

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan – A Regina-based petroleum geologist has filed a lawsuit against Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), citing an insurance claim to which they deemed no-fault. The problem for the provincial public insurer is that Randall Carlslane, P.Geo., has studied the accident scene, and clearly there was fault. A very specific fault. Mr. Carlslane has put forward the argument that the Wabasheen Mid-rift Regina East fault line lies exactly below the intersection the collision occurred, and that there was indeed a fault at fault.

While Randal’s lawsuit really doesn’t solve anything, he also has a degree in engineering from Chaplan Orthodox Community College, and as such, always assumes he is correct. The lawsuit doesn’t seek compensation, other monetary awards, or punitive damages against SGI – it is simply demanding an apology for the use of a no-fault decision, when clearly there was a fault.

Randall Carlslane, P.Geo., plaintiff in the case

“If I have mapped the fault, there is a fault.  It’s not my fault that they can’t see the fault that there is a fault.  It is all their fault that they broadly deem no fault in situations where there is a fault that is clearly at fault.  Not only that, this fault had a vehicle strike above the fault, and after the strike there was a slip, which was not anyone’s fault.  I will not rest until this scientific disgrace is someone else’s fault” – Randall Carlslane, P.Geo., plaintiff

SGI spokesperson, Donny Woodmanson, from Regina, had very little to say when asked about the legal issues.  

“I think the ring on his finger and the rock up his nose has clouded the judgement of Mr. Carlslane. He should probably just let this go and figure out how to find a girlfriend, or a hobby, because we don’t have time for this type of nonsense – we are a crown corporation of the Saskatchewan government and we have lots of other stuff to worry about now, not some idiot hybrid engineer-geologist who thinks he’s smart,” Donny told 2P News’ Rodecker Smith this morning. 

A judge will soon declare if the lawsuit filed by Mr. Randall Carlslane is valid, and if so, we expect the court proceedings to commence in early May, 2025. 2P News will keep you up-to-date on this case as developments become available.


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