PE: So what exactly do you do, other than draw straight lines through data?

RE: I figure out how the fluids in the reservoir have migrated and how the different saturations have changed over time, so that we can figure out where best to drill wells and convert other wells to optimize recovery of oil.

PE: Can you actually see the reservoir? What does it look like?

RE: Well, I cannot see the reservoir, but I infer what it looks like from cores, logs and other petrophysical data, as well as models if they are available. But most of my work is based on analyzing production/injection data and pressures.

PE: That sounds like some sort of black magic. Would we still be able to make money without you reservoir types?

RE: Yes, but not for as long, and not as much as we can make with us here. Why are you asking all of these questions, man? What’s up?

PE: Because you reservoir guys do nothing but some bullshit voodoo garbage that you can’t even see, touch, or feel. What the hell?

RE: HEY! The 01-28 battery went down under ESD.

PE: WHAT?! <Runs to his phone>

RE: <snickers> What an idiot.


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