LOS ANGELES, California – The energy industry is a large part of the North American economy.  For better or worse, oil and gas companies are here to stay until 3 drunk welders and a computer geek accidentally create stable cold fusion.  The adult entertainment industry is no slouch either, and none other than Hugh Heffner has seen fit to combine the two in a publication to be named High Energy.  

High Energy is scheduled to debut on December 1st, 2014, and its publishers have designed it as a sensual blend of high-performance energy workers with the softer, sexier side of life in the fast lane.

Jack Oughalott

The concept of High Energy arose when we saw a news report about a rig worker who got his arm stuck in a couch.  A little sentence in the article mentioned the amount of adult material around the worksite.


We did a little more research and found that the oil and gas industry is a huge market for us, and we aim to target them more specifically with High Energy. – Jack Oughalott, Heffner Publications

The news release touts the magazine as a “tasteful blend of work and play, with something for every person on this miserable ball of rock!”  It will feature both male and female models in varying percentages of attire, in oil and gas work situations.  For example, a male model in tight jeans working his brake handle while a female model spins around the kelly bar wearing LuLu Lemon’s new line of work wear.  It has been billed as enjoyable for both genders, and should not offend as many people as a typical adult magazine.

Redford, caught thinking of Beavers in a meeting
“Kanya Tutchit”, High Energy

We aimed this publication at both genders and ages 21 to 90.  We feel it can cross the boundary of smut and tasteful modelling, while introducing a greater audience to the world of oil and gas.

If it works as we think it will, most of our advertising will sell to oil and gas service companies.  – Kanya Tutchit, Senior Advertising Sales manager, High Energy

Aimed to be direct advertising competition for June Warren, The BOE Report, and 2P News, it may just have the street cred and sexability to achieve sales dominance.

When asked about the effect it might have on 2P News’ advertising sales, Darcy and Antoine put down their cans of Moosepeace beer and offered to give their advertisers to Heff – if he invited them to the Mansion for a weekend.



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