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A young Justin Trudeau with his old man enjoying a sporting event. Is the image upside down or is it just their mindset?

OTTAWA, Ontario – In a valiant effort to sway the conservative mindset, Justin Trudeau is using the precipitous fall of oil commodity prices as a tool to combat conservative policies.  As the price of oil falls, Trudeau is arguing that the path the conservatives have laid out for Canada’s future is falling apart and needs to be restructured.

He is proposing an economical boost to green energy programs in Ontario and Quebec as a primary method to counteract the dependence on oil and gas, and while oil prices fall, green energy is a surefire way to ensure Canada remains strong.

Shiny Pony looking awesome (which is about all he is good at)
Shiny Pony looking awesome (which is about all he is good at)

If we spread green energy out into the rest of Canada, the falling price of oil and gas won’t hurt as much.  I want to put green energy on the map and I want the Harper government to consider that they have to look out for all of Canada.  Alberta has had its time; now it’s Central Canada’s time.  If Albertans want to be a part of the new future of Canada, they can move to Ontario. – Trudeau speaking candidly about his plan.

The plan to move green energy eastward hinges on the Harper government buying large quantities of Albertas oil at rock bottom prices, then simply disposing of it.  Either burned in pits or dumped, the Liberal Party of Canada simply wants it gone.  While some say that mass destruction of oil will drive up demand and therefore price, Trudeau doesn’t see it that way.

If we burn up all of Alberta’s oil, we don’t have to talk about it anymore in parliament or in the media.  It will be gone.  History.  Think of the time and money we can save not worrying about oilsands and pipelines.  Sure, we will have some short term air pollution, but we can live with that knowing the future will probably get better.  I am really excited to get this off the ground. – Justin Trudoh

The Harper conservatives have refrained from commenting on the proposal, but NDP members have weighed in and are shocked that Trudeau would come at the Conservatives so directly without consulting them first.

Judy Gramercy, NDP, Cornhusk Ontario
Judy Gramercy, NDP, Cornhusk Ontario

We wish that the Liberals had more tact, and obviously more brains.  If we randomly burn up all of our fossil fuels, what happens to The Green party?  Or what happens to the taxes we get from Alberta to fund our social, health, education, housing, or food programs in Ontario and Quebec?  And as much as we like green energy, some of Justin’s ideas lately have been a little, well, off.  – Judy Gramercy, NDP, Cornhusk Ontario

When asked about what she thinks about Justin’s new energy program, Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith remarked, “Well, Justin’s old man implemented an NEP in the 1980s, and that didn’t go over very well with Albertans. So for Justin to try something similar with his NEPII – this idea of shipping Alberta’s oil out east and then burning it, well, what can I say? Taking away Albertans’ oil is like taking away our rights to bear arms, wear camo, and drive oversized pickup trucks, so good luck Justin, with your next by-elections out west.”


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