One of the few known deposits of silicon dioxide

CALGARY, ALBERTA – Mr. Dèng Xiǎopíng Dòngbīn, Chief Executive Officer of Bendovus Energy, announced today that in the course of exploring for new oil and gas deposits a team of Bendovus geologists located a world-class deposit of the mineral silicon dioxide (SiO2).  The deposit is in the vicinity of Ft. McMurray, Alberta.  There is a world-wide shortage of computer chips which are made of silicon.  This silicon is derived from silicon dioxide.

Mr. Deng

Mr. Dèng said, “We are proud to be part of the solution to the chip shortage that is affecting so many industries, from high-end computers to automobiles to so-called smart toasters.  Our geologists are to be commended because normally they can’t find their asses with both hands.  At least one of them was educated enough to recognize the silicon dioxide when he tripped over a boulder and landed face first in an outcropping.  We have obtained a mineral lease on the land involved and are actively moving forward to set up an operation.”

Bendovus Energy corporate logo

The newly formed subsidiary, Bendovus Silicon (BS), Ltd., will be based in Calgary and headed by Mr. Barry M. Suhlfait, who is the Bendovus vice-president in charge of drilling mud additives.  His experience with minerals qualifies him for this most important role.  His first task will be to build a refinery to turn the silicon dioxide into purified silicon.  The process is heating the mineral with coke (the coal kind, not the cola kind or the dope kind).  It is likely that the waste heat from the refinery will be used to generate electricity to help power the smelting furnaces.

Justin Trudeau

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau applauded the discovery and the fact that Bendovus is moving so quickly to capitalize on it.  He said, “This demonstrates that Canada is acting to the forefront of solving the world’s supply chain shortages.  It is almost as important as discovering the poutine tastes better with cream gravy rather than brown gravy.”


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