CALGARY, Alberta (WTVN) – A Calgary-area man charged with tampering with a co-worker’s food and drinks in an attempt to hurt him has resigned.

Dick Johnson, food tampering suspect

In court documents, investigators say 41-year old Dick Johnson, an geoscience manager with oil and gas giant Two Butt Energy, committed the crimes between November 17th and November 29th, 2018.

According to a 911 call released late Wednesday afternoon, the suspect was caught tampering with the co-worker’s lunch and items on the co-worker’s desk including fruit and a water bottle on at least 4 occasions on the day he was arrested.

Police say the victim noticed something in his water and reported it to security. It was a security officer who called 911.

In the 911 call, the security officer told the dispatcher that after the first incident was reported, a camera was setup near the victim’s cubicle.

911 Caller: “Oh man, I see Dick, shifty as ever, sneaking around Fred’s cubicle with a small vile in his hand. I see him opening the co-worker’s water bottle. Now he’s digging up his nose as though he was looking for gold… okay, okay,… now I see him motioning like he’s pouring something into the water bottle and then shaking it. When somebody walks past he ducks under the desk, and then comes out when the coast is clear. This is not normal behavior, not even for a geologist.”

That call was made on September 17; that’s when the Calgary Police Force began investigating.

It’s clear from the call that for Two Butt security had been investigating for a while. Here is the transcript from a 911 call from a different security officer 3 weeks prior.

911 Caller: “So we got an employee who last week reported that something has been put in his drink on three consecutive days. He also reported that his sandwiches in the fridge appears to have been turned inside out.  So we got involved. You could actually see the substance in the water with the naked eye from 10 paces away and indeed the sandwiches were messed up, but we cannot be sure that this was the work of the suspect. We got the substance found in the water sent off to the lab. We put a camera in and we’ve seen the same subject go into the desk area and do what was reported.”

Johnson was arrested yesterday after a small scuffle and has been charged with giving the co-worker “adulterated or unbranded food” in order to seriously injure him.

He posted a $50,000 bond overnight, got out of jail, and faced a judge Thursday morning. He was banned from all Two Butt Energy properties.

When asked by police why he did this, Johnson simply replied, “Fred is an engineer, need I say more you @$$ %^*&#!s?”

The 911 caller says the preliminary test results indicate that the substance tested was 4 API sour crude that did not mix very well with the victim’s water, which made it very obvious something was not right. Lab results also showed that the gritty substance found in the sandwiches were core thin samples.

Dick Johnson is scheduled to appear in a Calgary court on December 21st, 2018.


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