Weyburn, Saskatchewan – Leaking packers will be a thing of the past if Coatex Energy Services plays its cards right. The Estevan-based oilfield service company believes that it has created a new 100% leak-proof tubing packer system that it calls FlowStop™ Plus.  A claimed “superior advancement” in well completion and packer technology, with a suggested 100% success rate, has the industry watching very closely.

According to the company’s President and CEO, Martha Munthly, the new system is going to revolutionize the workover and completions service sector.  Speaking from in front of the company’s field office on Redwater Avenue, Martha describes the new product.

Martha Munthly

“We are excited about the new FlowStop™ Plus system with our patented Gentle Glide 360 technology. The new packer is carefully inserted into the tubing using a special flush-away cardboard applicator, and lowered down to depth using a reinforced string. A patented, and purely organically harvested liquid is then dropped on the FlowStop™ packer, which absorbs the liquid and expands to seal the tubing. It’s a pretty slick idea.” – Marth Munthly, CEO

The product brochure that the company released further explains that the FlowStop™ packer is available in a number of absorbency levels from light to sport, depending on the liquid flow rate to be stopped. Coatex’s top-of-the-line FlowStop™ Pearl model is equipped with a plastic applicator (for smooth deployment) and a special deodorant for sour applications, that the company claims will also arrest sour gas at the source – ideal for well abandonment purposes.

Schematic showing the preliminary design of the FlowStop™ packer

The new FlowStop™ packers have been in use for only 3 months, yet Coatex Energy Services has received quite a bit of mixed feedback on the new technology. One field operator complained about the way the packers were removed.

Field Operator

“So I’m sittin’ on break waiting for the service truck to show up, and all I can see rumblin’ up to the lease is a bright pink Cadillac Escalade ESV. That big ‘ol pink rocket backup on up to the wellhead, winched up to a string, and just pulled the packer right on up. That was sumthin’ else, I’ll tell ya.

And the 2 ladies operating that rig, in their pink jump suits, they looked real funny, ’cause we don’t see no pink ’round these parts ery’day.” – Dirk McDufferson, field operator

Coatex Energy Services has planned an investment strategy along side the official announcement of its new FlowStop™ packer system.  A 30 for 1 share split will happen in April as part of a push to attract both new investors and renew the faith of existing shareholders.

An advertising campaign has also been launched, focused on making the FlowStop™ proprietary completion system the only solution the environmental lobby will accept as a permanent solution to leaky oil and gas infrastructure.



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