The masks used by the PCCT technology

EDMONTON, Alberta – The problem of global warming and global climate change can no longer be ignored in any discussion regarding the long-term viability of human life on planet earth. A number of major polluting industries in dozens of industrialized countries have CO2 emission caps; individuals are cutting down on gasoline consumption by turning to coal-powered electric vehicles, but the one source of CO2 emissions, and perhaps the largest, has been overlooked, until now: Human exhalation.

The lungs, aka bionatural CO2 factories, of an average 170 lb person will generate approximately 50 nanotonnes of CO2 per week. Multiply this by the roughly 7.7 billion people on earth and we’re looking at some major CO2 making its way into the atmosphere.

But thanks to a Leduc, Alberta-based engineer, who is heavily funded by GreenCheese, human generated CO2 will be a thing of the past once his business gets off the ground. The man behind CO-Who? Inc., Julio Delongondo Esturaez, and inventor of the personal CO2 capture technology (PCCT), spoke to 2P News’ Rodecker Smith this morning.

Dr. Julio Delongondo Estuarez, inventor

“PCCT is a system, an infrastructure, if you will, whereby every day humans wear upcycled airline emergency O2 masks that I have personally collected from aeroplanes over the last 20 years. The masks are connected to an activated charcoal lithium hydroxide scrubber that is installed into every household. The CO2 is collected, scrubbed, and then fresh air is released back into the household environment.”

Dr. Estuarez expects PCCT technology to reduce global CO2 emissions by 65 per cent, provided every person on earth purchases a system and uses it pretty much full time. By the time CO-Who? Inc. releases its prototype portable scrubbers, which are cleverly disguised in a black fanny pack, he expects adoption and emission reduction to hit the high 80% mark because people without homes will be able to help the planet with PCCT as well.

As part of Day 1 of his 2019 re-election campaign, while speaking to a group in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged $175m towards this project, because he is all about saving the planet.

Justin Trudeau speaking to a crowd of under-employed folk in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

There is not much good that comes out of Alberta, especially good ideas, but every now and again you redneck hillbillies throw a curve ball (and oh, for you unlearned farmer types, that’s a football term that means you kick the ball into the stands). This idea to capture CO2 that we breathe and turn it into air we can actually breathe is genius. You’ll have to get some industrial-sized scrubbers at all provincial legislature buildings and of course, at parliament, because you wanna talk about CO2? So head back to your pickup trucks and combines, people, and let’s put your hard-earned money to good use!

CO-Why? Inc. expects a base unit comprising 1 scrubber and 2 masks to retail for only $1,799US and they will be available this fall at Home Despot, Walsmart, Beaver Lumber, and Home Hardware retailers across Canada.


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