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Today’s post is by our new client, the Province of Alberta. After a record-breaking avalanche season, with more deaths reported than the previous 5 years combined, and while in the heart of a forest fire season that continues to ravage on, the government is looking to better understand the nature of avalanches and forest fires. To this end, they are looking to hire engineers to help record field data that will be used to help the province better model the destructive nature of these acts of God, out-of-bound skiers, careless smokers, and riders of recreational vehicles.

Position Overview

The province is looking for as many Field Data Collection Engineers as we can hire to help us collect temperature data for forest fires and identify and classify the type of snow in the heart of avalanches. Applicants must be willing to travel one way, comfortable in extreme heat conditions or those that are very, very, cold and snowy, but you won’t have the opportunity to do both. Shifts typically last only a few hours, but are often much, much shorter – a perk that should resonate with Gen-Z engineers. Benefits are not offered because they won’t be necessary.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsibilities include using a personal laptop machine or tablet loaded with Excel and a modem that instantaneously transmits data to the cloud.
  • Must be comfortable jumping out of a hovering helicopter or a plane traveling at 300 km/hr while holding said device.
  • Using a temperature probe, you must walk around while recording your latitude, longitude, and instantaneous temperature. Do this until you can no longer.
  • If you are on avalanche duty, you must be able to detect the density of the snow that rolls over you during an avalanches collapse, in real-time, and record it in Excel.

Essential Job Skills

  • Must possess the ability to pull a rip-cord on a parachute and land safely within the confines of a fire or on a large snowpack that is on the verge of instability.
  • The ability to tell if something is very, very, very hot.
  • The ability to breathe under 15 to 20m of snow packed above you or in very smoke-filled ambient conditions.
  • The ability to tell if something is very, very, very cold.
  • Be an adept at using Excel in very hot or very cold conditions.
Must be okay with these conditions, without food, for a very long time.

Education and Experience

  • You must be a trained engineer. Engineers only.
  • We will hire engineers from all provinces. No application necessary, just show us the pinky ring and you’re in.

Our client recommends that only people without dependents need apply. But if you do have dependents, our client recommends that all applicants have life insurance policies topped up. Send resumes to career@2pnews.com. Please pass this along to any qualified individual who you think is fit for the position.

This position is sponsored by the Canadian Associated of Geologists.


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