CALGARY, Alberta – Everyone knows the iconic Three Sisters mountains west of the city of Calgary, but what some don’t know is the hollow mountain theory.

Frank Tymune and George Kasamist have been proposing the theory that the Three Sisters are indeed hollow, or at least extremely porous inside, and potentially even trap a large amount of hydrocarbon within their interior.

Frank Tymune, Three Sisters VP Exploration

“Geological wisdom tells us that this is impossible, and the mountains are solid, but we’ve seen evidence for porosity, and large amount of it.  We ran an aerial petro-bitumen survey over several specific targets, with great results.  We intend to star ta drilling program within the next 16 months.” – Frank Tymune

After forming Three Sisters Oil Co., Frank and George started the process of collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data as geologists do, turning that data into productive and detailed maps and models of what could be a potential elevated reservoir.  This type of oil and gas trap has only been seen once before in the province of LungYuan, in northern China. But while rare, it could be extremely productive as the oil would simply drain downwards with gravity to surface equipment, like the artificial systems being engineered by GroundLift Energy, based out of Calgary.

A test drilling program into the Three Sisters would require a new upward slant drilling rig to start at a surface location approximately a kilometre away and turn the wellpath upwards once beneath the famous peaks. Directional drilling technology would drill one leg into each of the Sisters and open hole formation and fluid testing could be done, as well as tubing conveyed logging if deemed necessary.

Three Sisters Oil Co. hopes to be done any seismic and Lidar data acquisition with the year, and be planning the first drilling leg for Q2-Q3 2024.


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