Mayor Nenshi being fitted to a zip line harness similar to the one that would be used in the city’s Sky-Zip system.

Calgary’s top city official, Mayor Nenshi, has a new plan to keep the streets of downtown Calgary safer for drivers. He is quoted as saying,

All of these drivers are at immense risk from the bicycle couriers and their chaos machines.  Weaving in and out of traffic to simply get a package across the street a little faster is an unnecessary risk to our Core workforce and it needs to be addressed.

A focus group was assembled to study the feasibility of a Zipline Courier network between key downtown office buildings, enabling the couriers to use aerial transport and make the streets safer for commuters and pedestrians alike.  Courier companies in opposition have this to say:

If a zipline system is installed, most of our staff will have to be let go.  Companies will simply move to ‘zipping’ their packages in baskets between offices and have shipping stewards at each location sort and pass the material onto the next destination.  Cycling will be dramatically reduced in Calgary, reducing employment numbers in the industry throughout the city. This is unacceptable!

As plans move forward, Mayor Nenshi and City Council face an uphill battle, but in comparison with the recently proposed Municipal Royalty plans, the Sky-Zip Courier System may just make the cut.


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