KillSpray-30, dubbed "Orange Haze" by some, will be deployed over Calgary the week before Christmas to eradicate Covid-19.

CALGARY, Alberta – COVID-19 has brought chaos and anxiety to people around the world.  With each new lockdown measure, the stress and citizen unrest grows higher, and yet the COVID-19 infection numbers aren’t dropping. To help combat the pandemic at a municipal level, the City of Calgary has been covertly working with a group of engineers and chemical scientists at SNC Lavalin on a new solution. Literally.

A team of 3 city councillors, 2 members of the snow-clearing department, and 5 chemical engineers from SNC have developed a sterilizing mist that kills corona-group viruses on contact, and prevents spread of any aerosol virus by remaining in the air for up to 30 days. This new product, dubbed KillSpray-30 (or Orange Haze), has been granted emergency approval by Calgary City Council and is ready to be deployed next week just before Christmas celebrations begin.

How KillSpray-30 is deployed is drawing the ire of residents of the once white-collar city formerly filled with highly educated oil and gas professionals. The city plans to dump the solution over the entire city by a fleet crop dusting planes that were sourced from a field near Strathmore, Alberta. This will result in a virus killing, vanilla-scented, haze or slight fog throughout the city until the middle of January, when another application will be deployed.

In ultimate result will be the complete elimination of COVID-19 in Calgary and surrounding areas. However, residents will be required to wear filtration masks to avoid inhaling excess KillSpray-30 particles. Citizens of Calgary will also be required to don appropriate eye protection to keep the chemical out of their eyes. The city has offered to make special goggles available at all drive through restaurants in the city, as well as at city-run libraries.

Proper KillSpray-30 PPE in the lab

“We have proven this spray kills everything.  But the proper mask and goggles will be needed, even inside your home, office, bathroom, and especially outdoors.  KillSpray-30 is quite aggravating to human mucous membranes.  Just wear the proper PPE, and you’ll be fine.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.” – Julian Mossfret, SNCL

As we head into this holiday season, it seems the city has taken it upon themselves to eradicate this virus no matter the cost and no matter the political fallout. While there has been no public or health organization consultation, it seems they plan to go ahead with the plan regardless.

While 2P News could get no comment from a city councillor or even Mayor Nenshi, our sources tell us they’re already working from Edmonton and can be reached in February 2021.


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