Red Deer, AB – A planned promotional give away has left Strathmore-based HyVane Energy Services without much of a bank account.  A sales manager for the oilfield service company bought out a local concert to coincide with the Oil Expo in Calgary, planning to take advantage of all of the industry traffic.  In his rushed, and somewhat unskilled ticket purchase, Ritchey Wakataggan inadvertently bought 200 tickets to a Rolly Polly Kitty concert instead of the Brad Paisley show he had planned on.

Ritchey Wakataggan
Ritchey Wakataggan

I just clicked the wrong damn button, but what can I do now.  That damn cat is going to take everything we’ve got, and for what?  Some kids didn’t get to hear it screech into a mic for an hour about the neighbour’s dog?


I’d rather strap Anne Murray to the hood of my car and listen to her scream all the way to Newfoundland!

Reports show that the tickets that Ritchey bought were for a large percentage of the show’s seats,  200 of 250 available to be exact.  The other 50 were previously donated to a private school in Calgary operated by P.E.T.A.  The tickets would have been returned or given away to children, except it wasn’t until after clients started asking him why he had bought them post show, that Wakataggan realized his error.

According to eye-witnesses reports, only a few people turned up at the show with tickets, but were reportedly severely intoxicated and making rude gestures at Roll Polly Kitty during the performance.  Rolly Polly Kitty has retained legal council and reports say a lawsuit is in the works against HyVane.

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As a manufacturer of weather vanes for drilling and service rigs, HyVane was just gaining market share against WindSalk and ColorFlag (HyVanes prime competitors), when the industry crashed and left them struggling for clients.

This concert promotion was a way to try and combat the downturn in sales.  A lawsuit by Rolly Polly Kitty could be a serious blow to HyVane.


Rolly Polly Kitty actor Marq SheLeviang
Rolly Polly Kitty actor Marq SheLeviang


When the star of the Rolly Polly Kitty show was asked for comment about the pending lawsuit, an undertone of shallow resentment aired with the words “meow meow meeeeooow meow.”








  1. you guys have lowered the bar on this site with this article. the hyvane services image almost made coffee come out of my nose.


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