Eng-Man & Geo-Boy

LOS ANGELES, California – The last few years have been challenging for the entertainment industry, to say the least.  The market for new ideas is shrinking, and combined with the growing number of illiterate children graduating from American schools, even the comic book business is suffering.

TC Comics is going to take a new approach, however, and target a market not yet tapped by the colorful comic book market.  Oil and Gas.

A new comic book set to hit shelves in 2014 features an engineer and a geologist, aptly titled Eng-Man and Geo-Boy.  Their roles are that of 2 ordinary upstream oil explorers who find themselves with super powers after accidentally drinking frac fluid put in their office coffee maker as a prank.

The adventures ensue when the techny duo not only stop crime, but fly around the world to  prevent pipeline spills and oceanic freightliner disasters. Below is a small snippet of the comic book’s pilot issue as recently released by TC Comics:

Eng-Man 2
A sample from the original pilot issue from TC Comics

Eng-Man’s powers come into form as the ability to fly, do amazing mathematical tasks in his head, and babble on at length about just about anything to confound his enemies and them clobber them into submission with his ‘Smashterbater’, a large calculator usually used for reservoir analysis math.  His costume comprises a polo shirt and khakis made from a special oil resistant Kevlar material to stave off attacks from his enemies.

Geo-Boy has the same ability to fly, but can also see through natural materials and read the mind of Mother Earth in order to know exactly where to be and what to drill.  His microscope vision and ‘Hammer-Hands’ are his tool when fighting along side Eng-Man, and his costume is simple cargo shorts and a Tilley hat (no shirt), with wrap around safety goggles to prevent his eyes from getting damaged in flight or battle.

Steen Hargrove, founder and chief editor, TC Comics, admits that there were some serious challenges creating villians for the nerdy duo. He goes on to say,

Steen Hargrove
Steen Hargrove

“The problem is the villains.  I mean, who doesn’t like engineers or geologists?  They are very loveable people, all of them.  So how do I create a believable villain?

Real villains don’t cause oil spills for fun, they steal the oil and sell it in a monopoly under the guise of capitalism on the backs on the working poor, or they steal it to set fire to the moon.  We have a few ideas involving managers and accountants, but we’ll see how they pan out in panel tests in the fall.” – Steen Hargrove, with TC comics

TC Comics expects its new Eng-Man and Geo-Boy comic series to become the franchise that will help resurrect both the comic book and the Hollywood entertainment industry, but only time will tell. Stay tuned for a forthcoming article in Proved Plus Probable that will follow up after the new comic’s release in 2014.


  1. This sounds awesome. When is the pre-sale, as I want to use all of my life savings to buy as many 1st edition copies of this series as I can. I am sure this comic series will be bigger than SuperMan and Batman combined and Eng-Man Geo-Boy’s comic book #1 and will increase in value by a factor of 1000, by the time I want to retire in 2 years

  2. Billy Bob Brick,

    I am in pretty good with Mr. Steen Hargrove, so once he gives me the heads up on pre-release dates, you’ll be the first person I let know.



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