Can these two Premiers make this work?
Can these two Premiers make this work?

EDMONTON, Alberta – A ridiculous invitation by Premier Allison Redford was recently refused by American political sensation Sarah Palin. Sept long weekend is just around the corner and Allison Redford has invited political faces from around North America to be part of the BCF Fundraiser.

The Bikini Classic Flood Fundraiser is a political celebrity car wash themed on the 1970s (when people maybe still liked Redford). The event requires participants to wear bikini bathing suits while washing locals’ cars and trucks.  All proceeds go to a fund for Alberta flood relief efforts.  Lagging in popularity here in Alberta, Ms. Permanent Frown apparently feels the need to do anything possible to pick up popularity in the polls with a provincial election looming.

Nancy McKinnon
Nancy McKannons

I think this is a stretch, but I also helped plan it, and it will definitely bring in the people.  Who wouldn’t want to see all these icons out there washing cars! – Nancy McKannons, BCFF Planner

A number of popular political figures were invited.  Confirmed attendees include Christy Clarke, Marlene Marois, and Kathleen Wynne.  These 3 powerhouses of Canadian politics, in conjunction with Premier Redford, may have enough clout to be successful on their own, but Palin was the key symbol of power that the BCFF hoped for.

We had hoped Mrs. Palin would attend, but she appears to have better things to do.  We’re not sure what that means, but that’s what her publicist actually wrote.  ‘No.  She has better things to do.’ – Nancy McKannons

Palin had no reply, just made a face when asked about attendance to the BCFF
Palin had no reply, just made a face when asked about attendance to the BCFF

When cornered about the invitation list and why she chose political figures over supermodels and other stereotypical bikini clad females, Redford asked to be quoted:

I know… you know… we ALL know that sex sells.  But if we add pure unadulterated sexuality to the power of wildly successful and influential women?  Well, that’s a force for the younger generation to look up to.  It will transcend the bikinis we are going to be wearing and no one will even think about anything sexual.  All they will think of is ‘How on Earth did these women get here and why?

(Please God WHY – say it ain’t so!? – 2P contributer Timmy Gloose)


  1. In that top picture, it looks like Redford is thinking “Oooh yeah… Clarke, you are so hot that she makes me want to strangle a mountain goat with my bare hands. I would do some nasty things to her.”


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