REGINA, Saskatchewan – Water has been in the news a lot lately and for good reason.  Flooding, heavy rainstorms, hurricanes, and Al Gore have all had their effect on lives across the globe in recent years.  But a junior PNG operator based in Regina has announced a plan to develop an oil field using water in a way that is unheard of – at least until now.

John Farbus, an entrepreneur from Weyburn, has started his PNG company to look into the southern edge plays of the Canadian Shield in northern Saskatchewan.  What he has been developing behind the scenes at Rimshot Resources is extraordinary, or at the very least unusual.

Farbus has proposed creating 14 dams along existing waterways, in conjunction with pumping stations and construction work to create an inland sea between Melfort, Saskatchean and Flin Flon, Manitoba.  His design intends to create enough overburden from water to allow newly drilled wells to compete with offshore production rates.

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John Farbus, Rimshot CEO

My team here at Rimshot is proof positive that we can get North Sea rates here in Saskatchewan.  All we need is a bit of water to help squeeze the rocks a bit.  We will initially have to hire engineers and geologists, as our current team is largely built of marketing and legal professionals.  Once we do some recruiting, vetted the idea, and get approval from Mr. Wall’s office, we can really shine. – Farbus commenting outside Casino Regina

Heavy mineral mining operations in northern Saskatchewan have balked at the idea, claiming that they haven’t seen any oil or gas in or around their operations, and that even subcrop edge plays on the south border of the shield are going to be grasping at straws to get viable shows while drilling, let alone any productive flow rates.

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Jim Linkslate, Geological Engineer

Farbus?  Idiot.  Stick to selling candy and movie tickets dumb ass.  I can’t believe they let these guys breath my air.  Let’s break it down in terms even my kids understand.  Mr. Farbus is going to make his own ocean.  What, 40-60ft deep?  Then wait for all that water to create overburden pressure that will effect rock formations 2 miles underground.  Then drill down and HOPE there is oil there.  What a jackass. I cant get past the ocean idea myself, but hey.  Fairy tales are fun for everyone. – Jim Linkslate, Senior Geological Engineer with Canimco Mines

Brad Wall has not commented on the proposal but members of his staff are reluctant to do more than shake their heads and smirk ‘no comment’.  The applications filed by Rimshot Resources are on hold with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Oil and Stuff until the company can acquire staff to prove the idea is sound, and have that work reviewed by Calgary-based Poukete Engineering.




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