DAHASHABOUIE, Arkansas – Reality television.  The world revolves around reality television.  Real wives who eat cakes and have too many kids, while their overweight teenage pregnant daughters go hunting ducks, all while displaying english subtitles on an english language program.  It seems as though the networks have no limits.  NBC in its infinite wisdom has chosen to stir the pot yet again with its new reality show, the Real Roughnecks of Arkansas.

Real Roughnecks of Arkansas debuted for critics last weekend in Dickey Junction, AR where the show is filmed.  Only 21 of the 100 critics invited attended the preview, but that was largely due to the fact there is 1 hotel in Dickey Junction, and it has 8 rooms.

The reviews were off the charts however, and most, if not all, of the critics thought it was just what reality TV needed, a jump start kick to brass balls to push the genre to new lows, and higher ratings.

Chet Womack

I thought the openly gay roughneck getting “swamp-mudded” by the other guys was classic!  Right out of an 80’s comedy flick like Revenge of the Nerds. Most networks can’t push like that anymore for fear of lawsuits, but it looks like NBC grew some balls, just what that network really needed! – Chet Womack, Manager of the ABI Theater, Atlanta

The show centers around the lives of 3 rigs working in the southern United States.  Thirty crew members, and give or take 12 consultants who play roles as themselves with no script, while film crews get inside looks at their lives.  This show is different from The Rig, or Black Gold, simply because of its raw depth and zero respect for anybody’s privacy on the show.

We put cameras everywhere – bathrooms, showers, benches, vehicles, I mean everywhere.  We want to capture  all of the gore, guts, and crying that these guys can do.  And we want to show the world they aren’t just big dumb rednecks, but rather a group of sensitive, emotional wrecks that their wives can be very proud of! – Garner Smith, NBC PR Rep

Hidden camera footage of Cecil Pilloughbighter getting “swamp mudded” by fellow roughnecks

NBC claims that it has represented a perfect cross section of the American public with this new show.  Several races are present, along with a number of genders, sexual orientations, as well as select farm animals.

It would appear that the big draw with the critics is the love affair between two cast members in the debut episode, but the names of some characters cannot be disclosed due to signed spoiler agreements.  Our guess is Cletus and the Goat.

What NBC is calling a “revelation and rejuvenation of the reality television genre,” we here at 2P News think this is as asinine as anything NBC has ever done before.  We can’t see how regurgitating a show that has nearly flopped twice has any merit.

But hey, this is nothing new for NBC to roll out crap.  Sorry Jay, you get to remain the shining turd on a festering herpes sore of a network.

A bewildered Jay Leno, after learning that 2P News poked fun at his employer

NBC plans to air the Real Roughnecks of Arkansas Thursday nights this spring immediately after its other smash hit reality TV show called Reality TV – a reality TV show that is based on a bunch of cameramen who follow around and film other cameramen who are filming other reality TV shows. What a concept, NBC.


  1. the subtile of this page made my day “We guess CoCo was right after all” and the jay leno made my day as well i like this site lmao


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