Geologist opens Calgary’s first Pub Truck


CALGARY, Alberta – In a twist on the recent food truck craze that seemingly has no end in sight, geologist Earthern Sniffrock has opened Calgary’s first Pub Truck.  Sniffrock saw the potential earning power of an alcohol-based mobile dispensary, with zero competition in the Calgary area, or possibly anywhere.  As a major design obstacle, the truck needed to be totally self contained, and have the ability to segregate customers from passersby to stay within city bylaws.  A former coworker, who was also a mechanical engineer, helped to design and build the apparatus.

Jerry Winklenuts, doing his best to engineer a waterfall
Jerry Winklenuts, doing his best to engineer a waterfall

To be in accordance with city bylaws, we had to come up with a mobile beer garden of sorts.  We decided on a two-tier setup, with a rooftop patio and a street side garden.  The key design element is the mobile patio that folds out from the 8×20 foot roof panel to expand into 24 feet by 30 feet. It is built of high tensile carbon fiber rods and titanium plates to save weight.  The lower fence of all carbon fiber rod and rope, folding out electronically to encompass a 30 foot by 30 foot space beside the vending window.  The automation on the truck took more time than anything, but it sets itself up in about 60 seconds from full compression.  There are no chairs in our current design, but there will be foldouts for the next truck, already in progress. – Jerry Winklenuts, P. Eng

The pub truck, aptly named The Booze Bus, has been in operation for most of June and revenues are through the roof so far.  The paperwork is a bit tedious so far, as the truck requires a permit every 4 days from the Alberta G&L Commission.  The 4-day Special Event Commercial permit only last’s a week, and every permit needs a new location, which is easy with The Booze Bus.

Earthen Sniffrock
Earthen Sniffrock

I need to get a permit twice a week, but that’s okay, I move the truck around anyways, and it’s just paperwork.  I’m making about $12,000 net per week so far, and the hours aren’t bad.  I usually open around 2pm and close when there are no more drunk pedestrians around.  I run in accordance with the law however, so the only tricky thing is parking where I have enough room to deploy the street level gardens.  Patio is never an issue, as it sits 14 feet above grade.  I love this job. – Earthen Sniffrock

The staff at 2P News has allocated a special parking space for The Booze Bus 3 days a week outside of its office on Stephen Avenue.  If you can find it, bring a copy of this article to anyone wearing a 2P News shirt for 3 free drinks and a sticker.



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