DALLAS, Texas –  Richard McWeenar, former accounts payable employee for oil and gas giant Dime’a Dozen Energy, returned to work with Dime’a Dozen after a return to university.  McWeenar saw many challenges and emotional issues facing technical professionals in his office and decided to get a degree in psychology to help these suffering professionals form a new perspective.

Dick McWeenar, Msc
Dick McWeenar, Msc

I wanted to get through to them on their level.  I got a second degree in general psychology and then did my masters in conjunction with may engineering and geology classes.  Those classes gave me the focus I think I’ll need to reach these indivudals.  And while these first few months back have not been fruitful, I believe eventually I can get through to these poor men and women and help them deal with the tragedy that is their lives. – Dick McWeenar, M.Sc

McWeenar believes that geologists suffer from rock anxiety and the feeling of always having to guess what they should already know.  He feels that geologists are best treated with a laid back, earthy approach.  Wearing sandals and talking slowly, talking about geological wonders and maybe bringing scotch to sessions.

The brain, before (L), during (M), and after exposure to frack completions
An engineer’s brain. (L) on drugs, the other two, not on drugs.

Engineers, on the other hand, are a different type all together.  Dick feels that engineers need to be tricked and manipulated into recognizing their issues.  The use of simple mathematical mistakes and errors in coding are one of several techniques he has developed to force engineers to participate and get past themselves in order to open up to him on an emotional level.  That’s right, Dick is confident engineers do have emotions. In one case, he was able to actually hurt an engineer’s feeling (that is not a typo – he had a single feeling).

2P News interviewed an anonymous staff member at Dime’a Dozen and got his/her take on McWeenar’s work.

Anonymous geologist
Anonymous geologist

He asked me of I felt like the sediment was crushing my spirit.  The he told me not to let my emotions become eroded by the powerful turbitic flow of the corporate workload.  He even asked if my home life left me with more internal porosity or if I was getting the pressure support I needed, whatever that means.  This guy is a flake and I wish someone would push him out a window.  If he pushes some of those engineers enough, he’s liable to end up finding his way down the elevator shaft.

Management at Dime’a Dozen is willing to give McWeenar a year to prive his theories.  Although they were clear he is there as an intern for that year with an hourly wage and no benefits.  If he cannot prove his worth in that first year by bringing productivity up, he will be relegated to his previous position in accounts payable where he can diagnose himself for depression and anxiety.


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