Humpty's restaurant, location for the ACEG 2019 Technical Conference.

CALGARY, Alberta – The Association of Canadian Exploration Geoscientists (ACEG) has formally announced that it will scale down its spring 2019 Technical Convention and Expo scheduled for March 5th, 2018 in order to streamline costs. This year’s event will be held in the more cozy environment of the former smoking area in the Humpty’s restaurant on McLeod Trail and 17th Avenue SE.

In a memo sent via email to its 15 members, ACEG’s president mentioned that 2019 membership revenue precludes his organization from securing a venue any better than Humpty’s.

Jamal Wikiheisen, acting ACEG President

“It’s really just a numbers game, there’s no rocket surgery here. Our inaugural event held in the fall of 2013 had 7593 attendees and we filled the BMO centre at the Stampede grounds. But this year we’re looking at 15, maaaaaaybe up to 19 if we include a few walk-ups, or it could be as low as 10 with some no-shows.

So we don’t really know and we can’t afford to over capitalize on the venue space. I’m at a point where I’m willing to call in passersby if they even slightly resemble a geologist, which shouldn’t be difficult in this area where many already live on the corner of Walk and Don’t Walk.” – Jamal Wikiheisen, ACEG President

Despite the low expected turnout, ACEG expects to have a full slate of technical presentations throughout the 1-day event. A number of members have submitted proposals for a number of technical papers related to geoscientific exploration in Western Canada.

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The conference proceedings will include at least the following topics:

  • A New Method for Estimating PseudoTime to Ultimate Non-Productivity in the Office Domain
  • Development of a New and Improved Method to Look Busy While Having Bupkis on My Workplate
  • Recline Chair Analysis for Dead Time Forecasting Based on Not Doing Shit
  • Finding Exploratory Inspiration by Processing 3D Magic Eye Images That Appear After Days of Mind-Numbing Seismic Interpretation
  • Evaluating the Effective Permeability of My Tears of Discontent Through the Porous Medium of a Polyester Floral Print Shirt
  • Over-Analyzing Bypassed Pay to Death: Challenges and Innovations
  • A Review of Corporate Lunchroom Etiquette: A Study in Killing Time by Tampering with Engineers’ Lunches
  • Case Study: How Many Distinctly Different Colours Can be Synthesized with Only 5 Ordinary Pencil Crayons? And How Much Time Can be Wasted Figuring This Out?
  • History Matching a Geoscience Career Path Using the Regret & Disappointment Cross Energy Correlation
One of the major changes expected at the ACEG’s 2019 Technical Conference is that attendees will have to bring their own food, despite the venue being in a restaurant. The restaurant’s manager is looking forward to hosting the event, which is a first of its kind for this Humpty’s location.
“Considering our inner-city location, we have some odd characters visit our restaurant from time-to-time. But I’m excited at having a number of geologists visit our place, because I’ve heard that they are something to behold. Somebody told me to keep a close eye on the beer.” – Cindy Rickleshin, general manager at Humpty’s on McLeod Trail.


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