CALGARY, Alberta – Rock On Clothing, a hip and trendy Calgary, Alberta-based clothing brand, is seeing massive upticks in sales this quarter.  Gains in sales took a step-change in growth after a recent TikTok video of several geologists dancing in a core facility surprised the company owners.

Tyler Shist, founder, Rock on Clothing Co.

“We’ve seen a 450% increase in orders after the video went viral.  It wasn’t even that great.  We just dressed up in our Rock On gear and danced around the core lab with that Brad paisley song, Geology playing.  Now we’re searching for a bigger factory space to meet demand.” – Tyler Shist, founder and CEO or Rock On Clothing Co.

Rock On makes clothes for geologists, by geologists.  Several of their designs are geologically specific to meet the demands of tier one geological operators.  A full GoreTex sun hat, much like a conventional Tilley, but with a hand specimen measuring guide and Mohs scale on the brim for quick and convenient rock analysis.  TripleZip pants that not only zip from pants to shorts, but a third zipper allows the conversion to capri pants if one is so inclined.  And how about boots with removable, zip off soles?  Hard use traction for steep climbs, and an open air feel with naked feet on those luxurious aeolian sands, or fabulous fluvial deposits on hot days near a cold creek.

The prime seller for Rock On has always been their Stone Cold Hoodie.  A variation of the classic hooded sweatshirt, the Stone Cold integrates many useful features for field geological work.  A compass and inclinometer built into the sleeve helps with field measurements.  A hood with rock fall CSA protection and built in adjustable eye protection that slides in and out of the hood for convenience.  And the Cold feature of the hoodie.  A dedicated, sewn-in cooler flat pack from Yeti that holds 8 500ml beer cans in perfect jiggle free isolation on the back of the garment.  This cooler is powered by a custom lithium polymer battery that is woven into the edges of the cooler for a sleeker profile when descending steeps or scrambling up outcrops.

Rock On clothing can be ordered directly from their website, or purchased at many Rock and Gem or Lapidary shops throughout Canada.  International sales and orders are pending production increases.



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