2P News goes IPO

TORONTO, Ontario – 2P News (TSX:2PN), which recently raised a record $1.46 in its IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange at $3.4×10^-3 per share, reflecting a company value of $7.43, saw its share price soar 90% in its first day of trading, thereby increasing its market cap to a whopping $13.21. The popular Calgary-based online energy and political news outlet attempted an IPO back in 2015, but failed when Canadian Securities Commission learned that the company was issuing stock in now defunct paper Canadian Tire currency.

Antoine M.

“An IPO is a milestone for 2P News. We started from very humble beginnings operating out of a shed in the parent’s backyard of my co-founding partner, Dr. Flowman. Now people can find us ‘office-sharing’ at local coffee shops throughout downtown Calgary. Being able to raise $1.46 this time around is a testament to our news offerings and other services which will soon include a new section called Permeability, more on that later.” – Antoine Mcguillicuddy, 2p News co-founder

According to the company’s mid-Q1 2019 report to investors, it plans to create a dividend program that pays out $0.00416 per month, or 5 cents per year.

Dr. Darcy Flowman (not his best photo)

“Antoine and I thought long and hard about if we should offer a dividend payout, and we figured we would, but only to those visitors who become official members of the site and who join our 2P News newsletter. And as an added bonus, those who register as a member of the site will have access to a new members only section called Permeability.” – Dr. Darcy Flowman, 2P News Co-founder

2P News strongly encourages visitor (yes, you! and we really mean this!) to become a member of 2pnews.com by clicking on the Sign in/Join link near the top left of the page and create an account.

Click on the link seen above in green on 2pnews.com. DO IT NOW!

And to join the 2P Newsletter, simply enter your email address in the sign-up area below the featured article and hit the Sign up button.

What the newsletter sign up area looks like.

The benefits to signing up are 3-fold?

  1. You will actually receive a $0.05 dividend payment from 2pnews.com on the anniversary of your membership. (This is no joke)
  2. You will gain access to the member’s only Permeability section. Details on Da Perm below.
  3. You will instantly become a better person.

And if you want to share 2pnews.com content on social media (Facebook and Twitter), then hats off to you!

Antoine and Darcy

Welcome to Permeability – The Flowing Truth About the Oil and Gas Industry

Permeability is a a brand new member’s only section on 2P News that will flow the real deal right through your porous medium at a rate proportional to the pressure drop across your brain. If you can’t handle the truth, then we recommend that you back away now. Permeability contains 100% true stories about the oil and gas industry as described by real people who we interview. It flows the truth about whistle blower stories, the true ineptness around all aspects of the business, excess and waste, but all handled in a confidential and completely anonymous manner.

So contact us with your real life stories that expose the not-so-secret underbelly of the oil and gas industry. The floor is yours, so have your say.


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