Justin "The Lobster" Trudeau, in more hot water
  • SKI-Maubelin charged by UN Court of Engineering Crimes for fraudulent accounting, over-billing, and bribery
  • The Crime Ministers Office is alleged to have treated prosecutors to lunch at restaurant owned by Morneau family to influence court proceedings
  • Opposition leader Schneer finds this all of this absolutely fascinating and is willing to help

The Disassociated Press – Montreal-based SKI-Maubelin is facing numerous charges related to greed, technical ignorance, and bribery following a 7-month investigation by the RCMP.

The company, once the largest engineering consulting firm in Canada, is also facing charges in Colombia, Panama, and Sierra Leone, where it is alleged the company committed the wrongdoings and professional malpractice.

According to a statement issued by the RCMP on Sunday, 27 engineers and engineering technologists with the consulting multi-national had cooked up the bill of materials and accounting records for over 114 jobs to over-charge clients for pencils, erasers, and even staples that were not utilized in the work.

Other charges laid against the company are related to the way it influenced the project tendering process by bribing other bidding companies with promises of hundreds of millions of dollars in Canadian Tire money and Tim Horton’s gift cards to tender stink bids.

Andrew Frugglestein, RCMP

“There’s evil, and then we have what these SKI engineers are alleged to have done – it takes evil to unprecedented levels. In one extreme case, a Bogota, Colombia-based construction company was charged for 871 staples and 349 two inch binder clips for a final report and recommendation that was delivered electronically; these phantom charges resulted in over $689,461 of additional charges. And idea that they tricked companies in Sierra Leone that Canadian Tire Money was redeemable in that country is jaw-dropping. SKI might have been able to get this past their victim companies, but the long arm of the RCMP nabbed them after a 7 month investigation.” – Acting RCMP COMMISSIONER

The United Nations Court of Engineering Crimes, who has jurisdiction over matter of this international scope has deemed that the engineering staff at SKI-Maubelin are technically incompetent and has ordered them to 6 years of ethics training run by Canada’s Prime Minister’s Office followed by a minimum 3 year internship at Chinese-based Huawei. “We believe some ethics training at the PMO and work with Huawei ought to remediate those who we believe will be convicted in this case.” UNCEC has also banned the company from earth operations for 12.8 years.

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When learning of the charges against SKI-Maubelin, allegations abound that Justin Trudeau and other members of this office invited prosecutors from UNCEC out for lunch at Thai Me Up, a popular Ottawa-based eatery that is also a popular venue for high-profile mob hits, in an effort to influence UNCEC to ease off the pressure on SKI or at the very least defer justice until after the 2019 federal elections.

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Fuelling the fires for the Ethics Commission is the idea that Thai Me Up is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Morneau & Sons, and its customer facing staff is run by Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

Opposition leader Andrew Shneer had a lot to say about this at an emergency press conference held at a Toronto-area speakeasy.

“Seriously?! With the SNC controversy nowhere near over, the Prime Minister is caught up in even more allegations of protecting another Canadian company that is controlled by a numbered corporation that is owned by Trudeau’s in-laws?! And he has the gaul to take members of the court prosecuting SKI-Maubelin to his favourite restaurant that is owned by one of his top minions and run by his wife?! Can we say conflict of interest, people?”

Andrew Shneer went as far as to say that he is starting to feel sorry for Justin Tugrope and that he is willing to cross the floor just to give the poor bloke a helping hand and spare further embarrassment. This was followed by a chortle and a, “Hahaha, JK, guys, I was just JK!”


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