DRAYTON VALLEY, Alberta – In the latest breaking news from the music industry, four geophysicsts have formed a throwback band to the disco era named Brute Stack & The Reflections, which hopes that its geoscience inspired covers will bring a new meaning to the phrase Rock & Roll.

The band’s first release from their debut album, Ephithermal, is a tribute to Olivia Newton John’s 1981 international Billboard #1 smash hit Physical, which the band has appropriately called Geophysical. Brute Stack, the band’s front man and lead violinist, goes on to say:

Brute Stack, the band’s front man

“We figured we’d hit it out of the park for our first release, eh, by covering a song that is known around the world and which really defines early 1980s music. It was not difficult for us to put our spin on the lyrics to this song thanks to both songs using the root word physical – so the song pretty much wrote itself. I brought up the idea for the song while sipping on a large double-double and scarfing down a maple dip at our local Timmies, eh, and it didn’t take long for the rest of the band to adopt the idea.” – Brute Stack

Photograph of a small concert that the band played last week in Hamburg, Germany.

The lyrics to the band’s first hit, Geophysical, shown below, are sung to the same melody as Olivia Newton John’s version:

Let’s get geophysical, geophysical
I wanna get geophysical
Let’s get into geophysical
Let me see you depth convert, depth convert
Let me see you depth convert

Brute Stack & The Reflections are currently on a world-tour starting in Las Vegas, Nevada, scheduled to follow the lesser known opening act, U2. The tour includes 64 concerts in 31 countries across the globe.

Brute Stack & The Reflections rehearsing backstage just before a sold-out crowd at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

The critically acclaimed band has received rave reviews from some of the best musical talent evaluators in the industry, including the Rolling Stone and Billboard magazines.

This band has revolutionized the disco-geoscientific genre – David Ducci, Rolling Stone Magazine

There are bands, and then you have Brute Stack & The Reflections, these guys work the violin and accordion like nobody’s business – Kasey Kantcum, Billboard Magazine

Margaret Stonehammer, the bands rhythm violinist, spoke to 2P News entertainment reporter at a downtown Calgary-area Starbucks. Yu Mii asked her about the changes she has experienced since forming the band and doing gigs.

nerd-011512-400x470“I remember studying geophysics at the University of Alberta decades ago, thinking that I would be getting some ass as a big-wig in the oil and gas industry, but that didn’t really pan out for me. But now? Holy frick, I get johnson literally handed to me on a platter by male groupies backstage. No, really, I’m not kidding. There are times I step off backstage and I am blinded by a Twig & berry storm, it’s like sticking my head into a barrel of toothless, one-eyed snakes, but I’ve learned to handle it. I’ve just got to make sure to keep the boys away from my magic baby door and things will be all good.”

All four members of the band plan to formally quit their full-time office jobs after this world tour because the 47 weeks of unpaid vacation on top of their 4 weeks of vacation doesn’t seem to be going over very well with their bosses.



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