A company official holds vials of the Crow-o-fil COVID-19 vaccine.

CALGARY, Alberta – A lot of things are very different when you’re in the midst of a global pandemic. A case in point: How federal regulators scrutinize and authorize new vaccines. Although Health Canada was quick to approve the BioNTech and Pfizer vaccines, with the AstraZeneca vaccine ready to be approved within days, Canada’s federal health regulator has slammed the door shut on an interesting new COVID-19 vaccine developed by Petro-Pharma Tech Industries.

The CEO of the Edmonton-based start-up pharmaceutical company believes that he and his team have created a safe vaccine that, if approved, could boost Canada’s rollout efforts 7-fold. Mr. Jack Napier spoke to 2P News’ medical correspondent Yu Mii earlier today.

“As a country, we were off to a pretty good start in this vaccine gig, but our federal leader has let us down yet again, but this time by his inability to manage vaccine supplies and a proper rollout strategy. Well, we have a ‘made-in-alberta’ solution that does not reply on europe, and we figure we could get the entire country vaccinated in about… err… a long weekend if our vaccine was approved and distributed across the country.” – Jack Napier, Petro-Pharma Tech CEO

Mr. Jack Napier, CEO of Petro-Pharma Tech Industries holding a vile of its new COVID-19 vaccine.

Health Canada officials came on the record to state that Petro-Pharma Tech has yet to met any of the 213 requirements to meet the regulator’s vaccine approval application process – not even one of them. Dr. Kali Roser, Health Canada’s chief applications agent told 2P News that she,  “did not arbitrarily deny the company’s application, it’s just that the application was submitted with all of the fields blank, so it appears that they overlooked a few things.” The federal health regulator reached out to Petro-Pharma Tech to see if they could at least get the ingredients and the results from their lab or clinical trials, but they were not available. “The only thing that they could provide to us were some results from some computer modelled clinical trials that yielded some very interesting results.”

According to Health Canada, the computer-modelled results indicated that the company’s Crow-o-Fil vaccine reacted differently in subjects based on their province of residence. It modelled results predicted that it was:

  • 40% effective in British Columbians (it will not protect the 60% of the BC population that lives in the Lower Mainland region)
  • 100% effective in Albertans
  • 94% effective in for people who were obese, which pretty much covers Saskatchewan and parts of Manitoba
  • 74% effective in Manitobans, where the -75C cold storage requirement could be achieved in school playgrounds and soccer fields
  • 5% effective for people living in Ontario and provinces east of it, except for Quebec
  • -15% effective for those living in Quebec, which Health Canada could not make any sense of

Interested in learning more about the Crow-o-Fil vaccine, Health Canada dispatched a team of investigators to covertly acquire a sample of it from an industrial trash can behind the company’s downtown Edmonton office. The sample was taken to an Ottawa-area lab where it was discovered to contain dilbit – a form of diluted bitumen known to be quite toxic in high doses.

Additional lab tests reverse engineered the vaccine to show that it is built on a foundation of petrochemical-based genetically engineering pico-neuro-transmitters that can assess the petroneuropsychological mindset of the subject, and modify its effectiveness accordingly.

Health Canada has given the company 7 days to provide proper clinical trial results and properly fill out the vaccine approval application form. 2P News reached out to Petro-Pharma Tech company officials for comment and will update this article with any responses we receive.



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