CALGARY, Alberta – GeoPC Inc has finally released its long-awaited geological mapping computer.  The Calgary-based company has been developing a computer custom-tailored for geological mapping for several years, led by geological dynamo Rocky Mindsporge.

The GeeMappulator is a hybrid analog/digital mapping computer based on a proprietary SandSlap processor and Shaley GUI.  Encapsulated in a rare earth Cobalt case and using several miniBits of memory, it can be over-clocked to process 7 correlations per hour, which is more than enough to keep any development geologist busy.

The guts are one thing, but where the GeeMappulator shines is its analog ScrollSerious display.  Fed by a spool of high-quality plotter paper 24″ wide, the display scrolls at a speed set by the operator along a 24″ tall brass assembly similar to a weaving loom.  As the map scrolls, with automated elevation lines and operator programmed contour lines, the geologist is able to colour and annotate the map as it scrolls out of the processor and around the spool.  This enables the much missed “Crayola” effect of geological maps and brings new life to what is now considered stale and boring.

Rocky Mindsporge, geologist

“I really missed my days of colouring in the maps.  There is nothing that compares to a colourful map.  It even seems to make me locate and map out better reservoirs. Computer windows maps from AccuGeo and MapsAlot just don’t get me excited about the rocks.” – Rocky Mindsporge, P.GEO

The GeeMapulator is expected to be available in June 2022 for a select few clients that pre-ordered the $55,000 machines.  2P News has learned that Bendovus and Mooncor are 2 of the customers willing to try and use the GeeMapulator to increases their production.


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