Asshole of the Century

BREA, California – This is Sir William Shortspeare taking a short break from trying to be funny.  The world has suddenly become a far more dangerous place and it’s all due to one psychopath trying to re-create the USSR.  If he gets away with it, don’t think he will stop there.  He will seize upon the West’s lack of resolve as a weakness to be exploited.  We can’t let that happen.

The courage of the Ukrainian armed forces and citizen militias has been extraordinary.  If we’re too cowardly to join the fight, the least we can do is supply Ukraine with the weapons they need.  That seems to be happening but I bet they will need a lot more.  It will never happen, but I would love to see squadrons of American F-22s and F-35s blast every Russian plane out of the sky over Ukraine and then bomb the shit out of their artillery and rocket launchers.

We must do everything we can for Ukraine.

Pray for peace, pray for justice.

P. S.  The headline is Ukrainian for “F*ck Putin.”

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Sir William Shortspeare
Sir William Shortspeare, hereditary lord of Bentknee Manor in Slopshire, has over fifty years’ experience at being a devout prig. Staying one step ahead of the nancy boys at Clovenhoof College, he graduated with a degree in Nothing Special. Thus eminently qualified, he joined British Petroleum and was immediately posted to Houston. After enduring one summer of Texas heat, he spent the remainder of his career demanding a transfer. Now retired, he casts a jaundiced eye on the world from Southern California and reports his findings to 2P News.



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