EDMONTON, Alberta – Two days ago Kason Jenny stepped down as UCP leader after winning just 51.4 per cent support of party members in a leadership vote. He claims the results were not what he had hoped for or quite frankly what he expected. Political pundits have spoken to a number of theories of when things went sideways for Mr. Kenney, and what this defeat really means. But over at 2P News, we know exactly what it means that Jason Kenney stepped down: he has a whole lot of spare time. In this lighter-than-usual Friday piece, we list the Top 12 things that Jason could do in his newly-found spare time.


Tour the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin in a new food truck called JK’s BBQ Chicken Rib Shack.


Start a microbrewery and distillery with Fast Eddie Stelmach and Allison “Mensa” Redford.


Move next door to Rachel Notley and haunt her and her family.


Lay on the couch and watch The View while eating vegan, climate-change-friendly faux pork rinds.


Take back his role as Randy on Trailer Park Boys 10-year anniversary special.

Jason was right in character while acting on TPB.


Start selling the vaccines he “borrowed” on Kijiji.


Move next door to Rachel Notley and haunt her and her family.


Finally pickup his mail-order Russian bride from Fedex after 10 years of late fees (she’s quite skinny now).


Consider running for US president against Biden (or Harris) next US federal election.


Go flood surfing in Manitoba.


Same thing as he did as premier, put his feet up and do nothing.


Smoke a dube and binge watch The 40 Year-Old Virgin, which he loves so much because the movie was basically based on his life.

So there you have it. The former Alberta premier can keep very busy if he wants to with these suggestions!


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