A prototype train transporting oil from the 102/04-15-064-04W5/04 well-site.

EDMONTON, Alberta – As some of our loyal readers may recall, 2P News reported back on November 28th, 2018 that Alberta’s Notley NDP government (who was in power then), believed that pipelines were not necessary because oil floats. Their plan to transport oil by floating it on existing river infrastructure from Alberta down to refineries in the US didn’t get very far thanks to the likes of Greenpeace. Later that year, not to be outdone, we reported how Trudeau’s federal government proposed a plan to transport oil by passenger car, a plan that was stopped in its tracks due to its sheer nonsensical nature.

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Now, in a bold new move that is sending shockwaves through the oil and gas industry in western Canada, we report that Alberta’s NDP government has proposed a pipeline recycling program ahead of what could be a spring 2023 election campaign.

The details of the program are somewhat unclear at this time, but an overview of the plan has been published in several media outlets.  The proposal is to excavate, remove, and recycle all existing pipelines over 2″ in diameter within Alberta’s borders.  From that point, all steel will be recycled and forged into railroad tracks to be placed on the surface where pipelines once moved subsurface oil and gas.  This would allow far more rail transport of oil and gas without the risk of pipeline leaks underground.

Dawanna Bonehim, P.Eng., an industry analyst with JackDaniels & Associates, spoke to 2P News’ field correspondent Rodecker Smith this morning.

Dawanna Bonehim, P.Eng.

“Wait a minute… so the Alberta NDP wants to rip out old pipelines, recycle them into train tracks, lay tracks down to well-sites and then move oil from the wellhead to sales lines using miniature trains? Holy shit! What do you expect from the Notley Crüe? I don’t know what else to say. one of her MLA’s who was formerly a carnie at Callaway park must have cooked up this idea!” – Dawanna bonehim, JackDaniels

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The proposed idea does have its challenges, however.  Road crossings would be an issue at almost every well-site in the province.  The sheer number of rail cars required to move the volumes of oil between stops could be prohibitive, but according to reports a manufacturing company out of Quebec has already offered to build several sizes of rail cars to move larger or smaller volumes of gas or fluid.  Engines for smaller cars are also suspected to be solar powered and built by Bombardier.

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The brilliant part of the NDP’s recycling program is that they have also announced that Warren Buffet has signed on as a key investor alongside Ryan Reynolds and Leonardo DiCaprio.  With powerhouse names like these being thrown around in Notley’s backroom it seems the NDP could be making some power moves on Premier Smith’s Progressive Conservatives.

2P News will report on the details of the plan and its proposed implementation as they become available.


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