Prototype sneakers with patented GeoThermal™ technology.

CALGARY, Alberta – Kristoph Iverson, graduated in 2001 with a geology degree, got a job at Encana, as most of his class did. Eventually he was repeatedly unemployed, divorced, lost his home, and ended up doing small mapping projects for food scraps behind Boston Pizza.

Last winter, in the bitter cold, when almost all hope was lost, he had an idea. A great idea!  He called up some old engineer buddies from the good old days and they set about creating the details for his new invention, GeoThermals™.

The concept is simple, clothing that is heated electrically and conductively by walking.  Thousands of micro-pistons in the soles of GeoThermal™ shoes create a little bit of power and a little bit of heat with every step you take. The more you walk, the more power you create.

Kristoph Iverson, geologist and inventor

“I was almost freezing to death one night when I dreamt it up.  If I move to stay warm, why not improve up on that and add a mechanical source to my efforts?  If repeatedly flexing a ductile object creates heat, I can just apply that to shoes that get squished all the time.  And Voila, GeoThermals.” – Kristoph Iverson

Unlike the failed PowerPants® concept circa 2013, which ended in several people suffering intense burns on their legs testing the product, the amounts of power in GeoThermals are far below PowerPants®, and could not result in an instantaneous energy surge that could cause damage.  GeoThermals™ rely on millions of micro strokes to function, much like an engineer.

GeoThermals™ could conceivably be used in conjunction with the conductive flooring designed for use with PowerPants®, and transmit unused power to the walking surface of the wearer. Alternatively, the extra power can be used to charge mobile devices.


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