DryWash 2000™ technology at work.

CALGARY, Alberta – Climate Change is effecting all aspects of our lives, and recent years have shown Albertans that water is a precious and scarce resource. The province of Alberta relies on melting snow and precipitation for most of its water. Droughts are prolonged periods of dry weather that deplete water resources. Now that drought has set in and wildfires seem to be growing in number, Calgary city council has approved the creation of a new private entity incorporated under the Alberta Business Corporation Act whose sole shareholder is the City of Calgary. This new business venture is to help with water conservation. 

DryWash 2000™ GmbH (DryWash) is a new-to-Calgary business venture that has recently been given full approval by Mayor Joki Gonyet and the Minion Council. DryWash has developed a system of passenger vehicle dry cleaning services using waterless pressure jets designed to minimizing water resource waste and cleanup.  

The system utilizes wand nozzles and hoses, as typically used in typical do-it-yourself water-based car washes. The similarities stop there however.  DryWash employs a series of nanocarbon graphene-based micro-bead mixtures, sprayed out of the wand with a carbon-free, nitrogen-based, corn-derived, gluten-free, ethanol propellant to “wash” dirt and grime from a vehicle’s surface. While this may sound like a terrible idea to some, the heart of the system is an AI-based continually variable pressure evaluation system to prevent damage to painted surfaces, glass, and plastic trim.  

Hjduert Gheauoty, DryWash CEO

“The system removes all contaminants at a sustained pressure and volume as to not remove paint, coatings, or dull plastic surfaces. The AI continually evaluates the thickness of contaminants versus the thickness of the surface and automatically reduces or increases pressure to ensure scratch-free cleaning. The idea for this technology was planted when I sneezed while I was sandblasting some kitchen furniture to sell on Kihehe and accidentally passed the sand over my wife’s dirty 1987 Suzuki Samurai. I’ve gotta tell you, that dirt was gone and guess what? I used zero water.”  – Hjduert Gheauoty, CEO of DryWash GmbH

City of Calgary council has approved 9 locations to date, 7 of which are in NW Calgary, with another downtown and one in the SE Foothills Industrial area. The locations were determined after a council vote where the majority of city councillors agreeing that in Calgary, most water runs southwards, or predominantly downhill.

“We just think this is a lovely idea. Imagine a clean car emerging from a cloud of nano dust looking like brand new!  It’s so exciting! – Gheisemnt Lkaidorrre, DryWash VP Operations

Along with the Calgary locations, DryWash is opening several locations in Okotoks and High River, two in Airdrie, with one proposed in Cochrane as well.

When proposed to Edmonton City Council, the idea was rejected by 12 out of the 12 councillors. Anita Dickinme, Edmonton’s Ward 5 councillor in was present for pilot testing of the DryWash technology, and she said that, “This is not a car wash – it’s a car paint destroyer. They Mayor Gonyet and her team should have called it, ‘Make my car look like a f*%king DeLorean 2000,’ for Pete’s sake. This thing is a mess. At some point they thought they would recycle the ‘dust’ from their carwash by mixing it with some polymers and spray it back on the car on the way out so that you have your vehicle’s colour back. But apparently this was too costly.”

Only time will tell if Calgarians warm up to the DryWash concept.

Sir William Shortspeare (not really him)

This article is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend, colleague, and overall outstanding human, Sir William Shortspeare who recently left us. William has been writing for 2P News for at least 5 years and his work is the best stuff we’ve ever published. We’ll miss you, Sir. You can now join your beautiful wife in heaven, where it is a much lovelier place now. Love you, man. 


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