CALGARY, Alberta – With the unrivaled success of the Distracted Driving program in Alberta, Calgary city council and bylaw division are seeking to expand the definition of what constitutes distraction, and how it will soon be a punishable offense.

The new proposal will ban passengers in vehicles from talking to the driver, using car radios, adjusting sunvisors, touching sunglasses, looking through tinted windows, and looking at any type of womens’ clothing cut above the knee or below the neckline.  Ward 34 Alderman Carol Rungboandatlik thinks the bylaw will make the streets even safer for her children.

Carol Rungboandatlik
Carol Rungboandatlik


I see a new day dawning in Calgary, with attentive drivers just being attentive while they drive, and not doing so much of the stuff that makes them un-attentive when they should be attentive.  It makes me feel good.  Doesn’t it make you feel good? And yes, I do have children – please don’t judge.


Calgary Police Chief Randie O’Crookshank is on board with the new changes, but sees some difficulty with enforcement.

Randie O’Crookshank thinks enforcement will be tough to enforce

I can ticket someone when they text, it’s easy to see that, but talking to the driver?  Thats a tough one.  And people noticing womens’ revealing summer clothing?  We can usually catch that too, but it’s tough.

We have a new strategy though.  As seasoned officers of the law, we have a really good idea what drivers are intending to do.  So if you miss that exit or turn when you don’t want to, we got you buddy!

Details of the new bylaw will be released May 17th before the May long weekend to ensure revenues from the changes can be collected as soon as possible.




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