KAMLOOPS, British Columbia – Musky Beaver Holdings recently discovered a new oil play in the Richard Valley region of central BC. A new type of exploration has begun after a box of old mining maps was found in a hardware store in Kamloops last September.

A creatively drawn series of geological maps were discovered in Jim’s Hammer & Screw while the store was being packed up for an estate auction.  His nephew, a historical geologist with  Musky Beaver Holdings, reviewed the maps and concluded there was a potential untapped zone associated with every shaft his uncle explored.  The maps clearly outlined a zone of oily seepage at roughly the same depth in each mine shaft.  Details of the new play are being kept confidential by Musky Beaver while the company acquires leases in the area.

One of many ancient maps found at Jim’s Hammer & Screw, showing the location of a mine that the company believes is a gateway to a large oil discovery.

Ash Andersan, the Investor Relationship Manager with Musky Beaver Holdings, goes on to say:

Ash Andersan - Investor Relations
Ash Andersan – Investor Relations

We need to keep things on the level until we finish buying out the valley.  There are a few mineral rights owners that will need some greasing, but that’s nothing Musky Beaver can’t handle.  The OGCD has stepped up and agreed to fast track anything that can put results out in front of the Northern Hateway, so we’re winning!


The maps show that there is oil out there, and we need to roll up our sleeves, throw on some latex ribbed gloves, dig deep within, and go snatch it up. That’s Musky Beaver’s key mission.

The new play is deemed to be sub-economic by inside analysts, but Musky Beaver likes its odds given the personal nature of the maps that were found.  A drilling program could start as early as 2017 if the OGCD fast tracks license and drilling approvals.  As a first of its kind wildcat development in this area, investors and industry observers are following Musky Beaver very closely.

George Rodenberg, analyst with Gregory Finds & Shoots
George Rodenberg, analyst with Gregory Finds & Shoots

Well it looks like a stupid move, but Musky found that Port Larungue play right, so who knows.  Lucky twice?  I’ve seen the maps… they’re pretty basic.  I’d give them 42,947:1 odds they find a massive play there.  Pretty good these days. – George Rodenberg

A map released by Andersan for the purpose of recruiting investors was redacted in part, but Ash felt it was representative of what he felt was necessary for people to hand money over to Musky Beaver.

All they need to know is on the map, nothing more, nothing less.
All they need to know is on the map, nothing more, nothing less.
















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