MONTREAL, Quebec – In an effort to replicate the  success of the recent horizontal drilling activity in Western Canada, Montreal-based Tabarnak Energy Inc. executed a 1 well drilling program in northeastern Quebec in Q1 2013. The wildcat well targeted various regions of the Temagami Magnetic Anomaly in the Sudbury Basin of the Canadian Shield, which is known for substantial deposits of nickel, gold, silver, and copper, but is not known for reserves of oil and gas.

The well was drilled and abandoned without even being completed, rendering the project a categoric failure in every sense of the word.

At a press conference to shareholders, the company’s President and CEO, René Connard, attempted to appease the crowd by describing the issues encountered during the project.

Rene Connard, President & CEO of Tabarnak Energy Inc.

Allo, allo,… yes… our flow through funding came in a beet short, so instead of using a top-drive jack-up rotary rig, we had to drill the dam well using our ands. And thees significantly limited our TD and abilitee to steer zee well. Our target was to drill down to 1458M ICP, and then kick off and do 750M horizontallee,… but we were only able to get down to 3.4M – vertically.


Also… yes… there was language barrier with anglophone geophysicist and geologist… and confusion leads to we thinking zer is oil in zee ground where we drill, but geo team told us zer was nothing.

According to witnesses in the area, Tabarnak’s well was drilled by hand with a rig that was mounted to the back of a Ford half ton, as depiected below, with a sophisticated mud circulation system.

Dick Fuchs, the drilling contractor hired to drill Tabarnak Energy’s first well

Unfortunately for the Province of Quebec, its bid to show to the rest of the country that its people and government can be as hardworking, resourceful, and creative as the Canadians out West failed miserably, so it will now refocus its efforts on its separatist agenda, and continuing to burden the country’s social assistance programs.











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