CALGARY, Alberta – The most recent acquisition in the local oil and gas industry saw a consortium of 15 geoscientists, lead by Will Ruboneoff, acquire a 100% working interest in Calgary-based Map City Incorporated. The 12 geologist and 3 geophysicist consortium acquired the company with plans to revamp its dated image to make the stores and their goods and services better appeal to technical geoscientific professionals in the oil and gas industry. Dr. Ruboneoff spoke to the strategy behind the transaction,

Eyeing the Geology
Will Ruboneoff, head of the geoscience consortium

This was a very strategic move for me and my geo buddies from university and the workplace. We had always walked past Map City and thought to ourselves how the place could use a good sprucing up. It needed a new branding, a new look, new management. So I rounded up the geo-troops, we consolidated our savings, and approached Map City.


Interestingly enough, they were very eager to sell, for even less than what we offered. Go figure.

The first order of business for Dr. Ruboneoff and his colleagues was to review the maps. It took only 2 days for the team members to conclude that they do not agree with the maps, and it was time to revise them to their own interpretations. The consortium has already spent 43 weeks replacing each map with their own version; hand drawn, with pencil crayons.  The work is ongoing, and it may actually be some time before they get to open their doors to the public.

The next order of business was to sell more of the tools specifically used by the geoscience technical folk in downtown Calgary.  A deal was struck with Crayola and Mindsporge Industries, as well as a deal with a Waferhouser to supply cartographic paper in large volumes (to account for inevitable re-interpretations of everything done in the downtown core).

tony_lowryWe have some stiff competition from the boys over at Map Towne, but I think with our connection to Rocky and the fact we are only going to sell interpretive geological and seismic maps, we can pretty much run them under.  Callaway Jones Jr., retired geophysicist

The store is located at the corner of 9th and 4th in downtown Calgary, but an address is not required.  You can find it by following the yelling until you see a crowd of Tilley hats and sandal shod granolas in zip off shorts – in February.



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