NELSON, BC – In a remarkable improvement to tertiary oil recovery methods, Token Resources, headquartered in Nelson, British Columbia, has invented and trademarked a new form of Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) scheme that improves on traditional MEOR techniques many-fold.  This new recovery technique, called tetrahydrocannabinol MEOR (or THC-MEOR for short), relies on the precise scientifically defined principle of The Munchies, but on a microscopic level. Here is how the inventor of the scheme, Marc Emery, describes it:

Marc Emery – Founder & CEO, Token Resources Inc.

The concept is quite simple, indeed. We figured if regular microbes eat organisms in the reservoir and poop out the good stuff, then microbes that are under the influence of THC will get the munchies, eat even more organisms, and poop out even more of the good stuff resulting in stupendous recovery numbers.


Ironically enough, the genesis for this idea came from a THC induced laugh fest with a colleague who was into hash oil. We started chatting about THC and oil, and the rest is history.

The active ingredient, whose chemical name is C21H30O2, with a molecular weight of 420, expedites the process by which biometabolite is excreted by the resident microbes. This shortens the time that it takes the biometabolite produces the gas, polymers, acids and surfactants that increase oil recovery.

According to marketing material provided by the junior company, its THC-MEOR technique works by vaporizing the active ingredient at the surface using a special wellhead, as depicted in the image below.

The vaporized THC is then pumped down the wellhead, the well is shutin so that the vapor can soak in the reservoir, and then oil is cyclically pumped out of the well in a process called Puff-Puff-Pump. The company claims that Special Core Analysis lab results show a 30% increase in recovery over a reservoir that has just completed the standard MEOR treatment.

Schematic showing the wellbore and the new wellhead device used to vaporize the THC.

The company also claims that the THC has a positive side-effect in that it lulls the reservoir matrix into a super-relaxed state. In this sleepy state, a slight geo-mechanical compression squeezes even more oil out of the pore spaces which in turn reduces the residual oil saturation even further. In some cases, the residual oil saturation was lowered to under 4%, which is truly remarkable.

A volunteer product tester with Token Resources Inc.

Since only the best quality vaporized THC will satisfy the finicky subsurface microbes, Token Resources Inc., under instruction by its founder, are given strict orders to test a sample from each batch of THC bearing plant.

And to reduce its operating costs, the company employs Nelson locals (at no cost), who are very willing to test the product to give it their this is some good shit official stamp of approval.






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